The Spilhaus Space Clock


Minnesota Sea Grant Program -Univ. of Minnesota - Duluth

Designed by Dr. Athelstan Spilhaus, Dean of Technnology, University of Minnesota in 1963.  The large Space Dial of the Spilhaus Space Clock presents a variety of important celestial information. The lower left dial shows regular time; the lower right dial shows the time around the world.  From the Large Space Dial You Can Read These 15 up-to-the Minute Facts.

                                                                1. The horizon and the Visible Heavens
                                                                2. Sun Position in the Sky.
                                                                3. Moon's Position
                                                                4. Position of the Stars
                                                                5. Relative Position of Sun, Moon and Stars
                                                                6. Day of Month and Year ... a Perpetual Calendar
                                                               7. Solar Time of Sun, Moon and Stars at Meridian
                                                                8. Sidereal or Star Time.
                                                                9. Current Phase of the Moon
                                                                10. Time of Daily Sunrise and Sunset
                                                                11. Mean Time of Moon Rise and Moon Set
                                                                12. Mean Time of Star Rise and Star Set
                                                                13. Current Time High or Low Tide
                                                                14. Current Stage of the Tide
                                                                15. Mean Solar Time This clock is in

The clock runs on a synchronis motor and is extremely accurate.  Copyrighted in 1964 by Edmund Scientific Co., Barrington, New Jersey. The dimensions are approximately 15 inches tall by 10 inches wide. The case is made of solid Cherry with brass trim and was completely hand-made by a certified clock maker. The clock came in two versions, 120 volts, 60 cycles or 220 Volt, 50 cycles.  I Have seen serial numbers on these clocks as high as 2000, so there were quite a lot of them made!  This is truly a beautiful time piece!  It sold for $150.00 when new in 1964.

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