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The Korkosz Planetarium

Restoraton of the worlds oldest working American built planetarium 

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                   I've been told that some people have strange hobbies.  I can understand that statement, for I have a strange hobby myself.  Displayed below are some of my restored planetarium projectors. Click on the thumb nail images below to see more  information about each projector.  My collection currently spans over 50 years of  planetarium history.  Some are "one of a kind" others are more common.  I am always interested in adding to my collection. If you know of any old junk machines sitting in a closet not being used, please contact me and I will make you an offer.  I also restore/repair any of the machines that are displayed on this web site.  If you're interested in repairing your old planetarium please call me for a free estimate: 413 772 6715. I urge you to write me with your comments: Email: New email address-Effective May 1, 12003) I would love to hear from you. 

         Model A Spitz Projector          Model Eros Goto Projector                  Apollo Projector
         Model A series (1947- 1960)            Model Eros (1963 to present)          Apollo Portable (1980-1984)

 Nova Projectors (Harmonic Reed Corp.)  Out of Business

  Nova 100  (1965) 
Nova III  (1962-70)

                                     Toy Planetariums in My Collection
                Cosmorama (1963) Nova Home,  Spitz Jr. (1954) and  Sky Zoo (1955-58)

        Other Historical Planetarium Sites
Morrison Planetarium  History
Biography of Armand Spitz
  Zeiss  Planetarium History


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